Last week I started to write a new song called "Bright Eyes."  It may be my favorite original, but that's probably because it's new.  I decided to start blogging because... do I really need a reason?  If anyone knows of any songs that they think I should cover, please send me an Email.  I'm always looking for more additions to my set list.


November 08, 2011 @02:26 pm
Hey Marcia & Johnny ... LOL ... Thanks so much for your kind words! I remember you & appreciate your support! Hope to see you again & have an awesome day! Peace, Joe
- Joe Given
May 29, 2011 @07:57 pm
Saw you at Gran Isle today and we thought you were amazing. Very gifted, talented and cute too. We were the ones screaming Canadian Idol. LOL! Hey, it could jump start things to mega stardom literally overnight. You never know. Looking forward to seeing more of you around town.
- Marcia (& Johnny)

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